We are the selfie box, a simple and intuitive photo booth for weddings, corporate functions, or any special event where fond memories are made. We want to help capture those loving, silly, and great moments you share with your colleagues, friends, and family. That’s why we stuffed a high quality DSLR and a big touch interface into a tiny box to ensure great photos—every time.

Photos are promptly uploaded to your own personal album to share with everyone!


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Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deliver crystal-clear images and videos, our user friendly, elegant  Photo Booth (Selfiebox) is BIG enough for group shots of up to 10 people (we have had up to 20). Not only do your crystal-clear, lab quality photos print on the spot ensuring that your memories will last forever. As an added bonus, you receive a link to an online gallery of all your photos after your event.

Social Booth

Our social media uploading stations are amazing for weddings and marketing campaigns, your guests can easily share their photos on social media platforms directly from the event. All you’ll have to do is log in and post! Our new Instagram print station allows guests to post their images and receive a fun photo to take home. We can even send photos to your smartphone through SMS text messaging. Our priority is to make sure you and your guests get the most out of their photo booth session, which is why we made it easy to obtain and share your photos online instantly.

Social Media Slideshows

Beyond instant prints and social media posts, images from our booths can be instantly displayed on screens at various locations. Our priority is to make sure your brand get the most visibility and engagement out of your guests  photo booth session. This service works amazing for getting maximum brand visibility at sponsorship events.

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Clients we have worked with

Genevieve magazine
cookie jar

What else we provide?

Branded Booths

Get the most brand visibility by bring your brand or event theme to life with a fully customized booth branding.

Customizable Photos

Add brand logos, photos, graphics, text and turn your guests photo booth prints into an advertisement for your brand

Highest Quality prints

Highest quality prints thanks to your pro Canon dslr camera combined with the latest in image processing technology and Canon powered Printers.

Photo Effects

Allow guests to choose an effects to add to their photos to Instagram or add them automatically

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What our clients say

The activation was such a huge success and the client was so impressed that  i feel like i owe you my first child.

Moji Agency Representative

You guys are amazing!!! I love the branding of the Selfiebox we got, really amazing how quickly it uploads to social media.

Anuel Modebe CEO@google.com

Our Assets

The Selfiebox as a marketing tool?

Our fully branded Boxes serve as an efficient marketing tool that replaces roll up banners and provide three levels of marketing

  • The Physical Box: Provides marketing at the location
  • The Branded Print outs: turns each user to a brand ambassador carrying your brand with the everywhere they go
  • Social Media Posts: This automatically becomes an online marketer for your brand


About us

Corporate events:

We leverage on the human desire to take pictures to create a three level marketing tool, which can easily be integrated into a marketing campaign or can be used to create a new campaign.

Social events:

Simply put, we strive to engage guests, capture interesting moments, distribute both print and digital copies

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Theselfiebox was at The VIP Night Halloween weekend themed party held at Club 57 over the weekend. As it is our custom, we had a box design that was in the theme of the party to inspire the guests and engage them to take photos, we provided a Halloween themed Photobooth with beautiful props to thrill our […]

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